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Campbell Law Student Reps Work Together to Plan Panel for 3L’s

NCBA Law Student Reps Zannah Tyndall, Theresa DiCenzo and Kerry Sullivan assisted in the planning of a panel focused on assisting law students seeking their post-law school jobs during their 3L year and after graduation on April 2. Panelists included Deb Rasmussen, Rachel Byrd and Tiqeece Brown – all Campbell Law alums. It was a wonderful program providing attendees with what possibilities are available to them, ideas and inspiration.

The NCBA created the Law Student Division to help students develop their legal skills, to assist them in transitioning from legal education into the legal profession, and to provide positive, productive links between law students and the NCBA. The 2023-24 NCBA Law Student Reps at Campbell Law have provided numerous resources for classmates throughout the year. Access their most recent blog post for 1Ls.