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The NCBA’s extensive volunteer workforce is guided and supported by the steadfast service of its committees, commissions and task forces.  A downloadable preference form for Association/Foundation committee service for the 2018-19 fiscal year will be available soon.  To learn more about our current committees, please see their descriptions below. Thank you for your patience.

  • + Administration of Justice

    Administration of Justice

    Administration of Justice Committee monitors the civil and criminal justice systems in North Carolina and addresses important issues such as overcrowded court dockets, creation of new courts, public defender's offices and judicial salaries.

  • + Appellate Rules

    Appellate Rules

    Appellate Rules Committee examines the rules of appellate procedure and recommends any revisions to the Board of Governors for ultimate referral and consideration by the N.C. Supreme Court. 

    More About Appellate Rules
  • + Awards and Recognitions Committee

    Awards and Recognitions Committee

    The Awards and Recognitions Committee was established to review all awards and recognitions bestowed by the NCBA and the NCBA Foundation, including but not limited to the naming of existing awards and recognitions, the establishment and naming of new awards, and guidelines for selecting and reviewing the credentials and qualifications of recipients. 

  • + Collaborative Law

    Collaborative Law
  • + Communications


    Communications Committee recommends requirements to accommodate the communications needs of the NCBA/F and monitors production of the This is the Law pamphlet series. 

  • + Continuing Legal Education

    Continuing Legal Education

    Continuing Legal Education Committee provides oversight for Continuing Legal Education programs and activities.

  • + Convention Planning

    Convention Planning

    Convention Planning Advisory Committee assists with planning the NCBA Annual Meeting. 

  • + Future of Law

    Future of Law

    Future of Law Committee track and analyze the impact of leading edge technology in the law.

  • + Haiti


    Haiti Committee supports the exchange information and ideas with attorneys and citizens of Haiti regarding differing legal systems and support for the rule of law, with particular emphasis on business law and economic development. The Committee’s role will include participation in conferences hosted by the Port-au-Prince Bar Association, as well as connecting law students with attorneys in Haiti to broaden the students’ perspectives on international law, comparative legal systems, and the developing world. 

  • + Judicial Independence

    Judicial Independence

    Judicial Independence Committee strives to increase public and legislative awareness of the importance of an independent judiciary and seeks improvements in judicial selection in North Carolina. 

  • + Law School Liaison

    Law School Liaison

    Law School Liaison Committee facilitates communication between legal educators and the practicing bar and serves as a clearinghouse for information regarding N.C. law schools. 

  • + LEQL


    Lawyer Effectiveness & Quality of Life Committee engages in activities to help attorneys successfully practice law in an increasingly complex and competitive profession. 

  • + Lawyer Referral Service

    Lawyer Referral Service

    Lawyer Referral Service Committee monitors the operation of our North Carolina Lawyer Referral Service and recommends improvements to the program.

  • + Leadership Academy

    Leadership Academy

    The mission of the Leadership Academy is to help young lawyers become effective leaders in their communities, including the legal profession, their firms, legal departments or other workplaces and any other environments where lawyers regularly have calls or opportunities for leadership. (

  • + Legislative Advisory

    Legislative Advisory

    Legislative Advisory Committee works with the NCBA’s Office of Governmental Affairs to provide advice and counsel to the Board of Governors regarding public policy and legislative priorities. It closely considers strategies and initiatives that the NCBA may undertake to effectively advance its legislative agenda, particularly on substantive legislation involving the legal profession and the administration of justice. The Committee will develop and propose recommendations to the Board of Governors regarding various legislative strategies.

  • + Local Bar

    Local Bar

    Local Bar Outreach Committee acts as the advisory committee to offer recommendations about how the Association may serve the needs of local bar organizations. This committee conducts the annual Bar Leadership Institute, a full day of leadership skills training for leaders of local, judicial district and specialty bar organizations across the state. The committee is also responsible for selecting and honoring attorneys with the Citizen Lawyer Award to recognize and promote the non-legal, public service work of these individuals in communities across the state.

  • + Membership


    Membership Committee promotes strategies to encourage new and continued NCBA membership.

  • + Membership Value Task Force

    Membership Value Task Force

    Membership Value Task Force will conduct a market research assessment of the NCBA dues structure for the 2018-19 bar year and evaluate options for bundling NCBA membership dues with additional benefits (such as included CLE hours) to enhance the value of NCBA membership. 

  • + Minorities in the Profession

    Minorities in the Profession

    Minorities in the Profession Committee is dedicated to the outreach and promotion of an increased presence of minorities in the legal profession. 

    More About Minorities in the Profession
  • + Privacy & Data Security

    Privacy & Data Security

    Privacy & Data Security Committee will focus on the expanding issues of privacy and cybersecurity law that are impacting the public and the legal profession. The committee has also been established to monitor and discuss issues relative to the new specialty certification in Privacy and Information Security Law that has been proposed by the N.C. State Bar and its Board of Legal Specialization. 

  • + Professionalism


    Professionalism Committee develops and oversees professionalism initiatives and recommends a recipient for the annual H. Brent McKnight Renaissance Lawyer Award.

  • + Technology Advisory

    Technology Advisory

    Technology Advisory Committee supports two missions. The Bar Center Technology Team provides guidance to the NCBA and NCBF regarding technology products, services, and vendors.  The Technology Ethics Team analyzes proposed North Carolina State Bar ethics opinions that are technology-oriented. 

  • + Transitioning Lawyers Commission

    Transitioning Lawyers Commission

    Transitioning Lawyers Commission [formerly Retiring With Dignity Task Force] addresses issues involved with winding down a law practice and retiring gracefully. 

    More About Transitioning Lawyers Commission
  • + Women in the Profession

    Women in the Profession

    Women in the Profession Committee identifies ways to encourage and maintain the active participation and advancement of women in the legal profession. 

    More About Women in the Profession
  • + Statewide Service Day (4ALL)

    Statewide Service Day (4ALL)

    4ALL Statewide Service Day Committee plans and implements the NCBF’s flagship public service program, a phone-a-lawyer event that occurs at call centers located across the state. 

    More About Statewide Service Day (4ALL)
  • + Access To Justice Leadership Council

    Access To Justice Leadership Council

    Access to Justice Leadership Council is committed to increasing the level of financial support by lawyers for the annual statewide Legal Aid of North Carolina Access to Justice Campaign. 

  • + Bench/Bar Liaison

    Bench/Bar Liaison

    Bench/Bar Liaison Committee promotes cooperation between the bench and the bar to advance the legal profession and its service to the public. 

  • + Development


    Development Committee provides volunteer leadership for NCBF fundraising initiatives. 

  • + Endowment


    Endowment Committee reviews funding requests and recommends grants from the NCBF Endowment. 

  • + Free Legal Answers

    Free Legal Answers

    Free Legal Answers Task Force will launch the web-based Free Legal Answers pro bono project statewide during the 2017-18 bar year. The Task Force will consider and determine the program’s parameters, recruit volunteers, and publicize the program to legal services organizations and other groups that render services to low-income populations. 

  • + JPE


    Judicial Performance Evaluation Committee oversees the survey of North Carolina lawyers as a public service to evaluate the trial bench candidates (Superior and District Courts) in each election cycle. 

  • + Middle School Mock Trial

    Middle School Mock Trial

    Middle School Mock Trial Committee (Formerly Law-Related Education) provides direction and support to the MSMT program, an educational team program where middle school students have the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of civil/criminal law and courtroom procedures.

  • + NC LEAP


    NC LEAP Committee provides direction and oversight to the NC LEAP pro bono program, through which volunteer attorneys provide free legal assistance to low-wealth entrepreneurs on business law and intellectual property matters. 

  • + Oversight


    Oversight Committee provides direction to the NCBF’s program and fundraising efforts, including NCBF program evaluation. In 2017-18, the OC will define the NCBF’s mission and support the development of impact-based giving initiatives. 

  • + Planned Giving

    Planned Giving

    Planned Giving Committee educates lawyers about planned giving opportunities to further sustain activities of the NC Bar Foundation and its Endowment. 

  • + Pro Bono Activities

    Pro Bono Activities

    Pro Bono Activities Committee advises on activities relating to pro bono delivery of legal services and annually selects recipients of NCBA Pro Bono Awards. 

    More About Pro Bono Activities
  • + Audit & Finance

    Audit & Finance

    Audit & Finance Committee is made up of members of the Board of Governors to review the financial affairs of the North Carolina Bar Association and North Carolina Bar Foundation. It prepares the annual budget and serves as the audit committee. 

  • + Charter & Bylaws

    Charter & Bylaws

    Charter & Bylaws Committee is made up of members of the Board of Governors. The committee originates and recommends amendments to the Charter & Bylaws of both the North Carolina Bar Association and the North Carolina Bar Foundation. It also assists the Board of Governors in submitting proposed charter and bylaws amendments to the membership. 

  • + Investment


    Investment Committee oversees the investments of the North Carolina Bar Association and North Carolina Bar Foundation, including the Endowment, and assures that their respective funds are invested in the proper manner. 

  • + Memorials


    Memorials Committee is made up of members of the Board of Governors. It is responsible for reporting the names of deceased NCBA members and honoring them by a memorial tribute at the Annual Meeting. 

  • + Nominations


    Nominations Committee selects and nominates qualified NCBA members for the offices of vice-presidents and board members, which are voted on by the membership at the NCBA Annual Meeting. 

  • + Past Presidents

    Past Presidents

    Past Presidents Council serves as a leadership resource to the various working groups of the NCBA and the NCBF. Its membership consists of seven past presidents of the NCBA charged with the responsibility of following up on major reports and recommendations, reviewing existing programs and advising current leadership on new challenges and opportunities. The Council also screens nominees for the office of President-Elect and selected NCBA/NCBF awards. 

  • + Personnel & Talent Development Committee

    Personnel & Talent Development Committee
  • + Resolutions


    Resolutions Committee is made up of members of the Board of Governors. It prepares and screens all resolutions to be voted on by the membership at the NCBA Annual Meeting. It also serves as a working committee at Board meetings to draft necessary resolutions for considerations by the Board.