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Distinguished Practitioner and Service Award

The Labor & Employment Section is pleased to solicit nominations for the Distinguished Practitioner and Service Award.

Establishment of Award, Purpose and Criteria: The Distinguished Practitioner and Service Award Nominating exists to recognize an employment law practitioner for “Outstanding Service, Leadership, and/or Significant Contributions to the Development of Labor and Employment Law in North Carolina.” The Award was first given to Jon Harkavy in 2008 and was known as the Harkavy Award until 2018 year when Jon modestly requested that his name be removed from the award.

Nominations Guidelines

Complete the form below to nominate an individual. Please upload documents to  describe the nominee’s practice and how the nominee meets the criteria of the award. Please feel free to also upload documents detailing the nominee’s practice and contributions, as well as letters of support related to the nominee’s law practice and public service from attorneys and lay persons who know the nominee well.

This form is currently closed for submissions.