Humphrey Justice Fund Provides Scholarships For Students

The Young Lawyers Division of the North Carolina Bar Association recently announced the recipients of college scholarships for children of slain or permanently disabled North Carolina law enforcement officers. The total amount of the scholarships for the 2021 spring semester exceeded $10,000.

The scholarships are funded by the Hubert B. Humphrey Justice Fund North Carolina Bar Foundation Endowment.

The recipients are:

  • Amber Beaman, Ayden
  • Ashley Beaman, Ayden
  • Austin Brown, Nashville
  • Kayli Reyna, Liberty
  • Molly Macchia, Hudson

Criteria for the scholarships include:

  • Applicants must be the natural, adopted or stepchild of a North Carolina Law Enforcement Officer permanently disabled or killed in the line of duty.
  • Applicants must submit their application on or before 27 years of age.
  • Applicants must provide proof of enrollment or admission as a full-time student to one of the following: an accredited four-year college or university; an accredited community college or technical college; or an accredited law school.

Additional information is available here. Additional information regarding all of the scholarship programs of the North Carolina Bar Foundation is available here.

Amber BeamanAmber Beaman is a junior at Emory University majoring in biology and minoring in dance and movement studies. In her application, she expressed her desire to return to eastern North Carolina and become a medical doctor.

“I have passion to work in a medical-related field and I also enjoy working with people,” she said. “In the near future I plan to apply to medical school when I complete my undergraduate degree. I am currently involved in research at Emory and also a research ambassador that allows me to mentor to others and help them find their place in research. During my second year of undergrad, I helped in Dr. David Civitello’s lab and was studying the effects of the disease human schistosomiasis.

“This past year I have also enjoyed being the vice president of operations of my sorority, volunteering at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, being a STEM Pathways orientation mentor and helping raise awareness of substance use disorder in my local community as a founding member of the SuRE Foundation (Supporting Recovery Efforts in Our Community).”


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The scholarship, she noted, will help her achieve her career goals by reducing the financial strain of her educational costs. Her sister (see below) is also receiving an NCBF Scholarship.

”Due to my father’s injury and disability,” Amber said, “my family is not able to contribute financially to my education. It is very important for me to keep my loan amounts low so I can afford to attend medical school.”

Ashley BeamanAshley Beaman is a recent graduate of East Carolina University with a B.S. in university studies with a focus on dance performance, dance education and entrepreneurship. She noted in her application that she loves working with children, especially those with special needs.

Following graduation from ECU, she completed an internship at Walt Disney World.

“Since returning  home,” Ashley said, “I have worked at The Oakwood School in Greenville as a second-grade teacher assistant. I also formed a collaboration with Martin County Arts Council to bring creative movement and dance to an underserved rural area. I was able to teach many children dance who would not have the opportunity otherwise.

“While this is currently on hold due to COVID, I plan to restart this program when it is safe. These opportunities have been very rewarding and have helped me understand where my true passion lies, and I know now I should pursue my ultimate career goal to become an occupational therapist.”

To that end, Ashley will use the scholarship funds to attend Pitt Community College.

“This scholarship would offer the opportunity to financially be able to pursue this dream without having to take out more loans,” Ashley said. “Due to my father’s injury, my family is not able to contribute financially, and I am not eligible for any grants since I have my first degree.”

Her sister Amber, featured above, is also receiving an NCBF Scholarship.

Austin BrownAustin Brown is pursuing a degree in finance at East Carolina University. He plans to work for a firm at first to gain experience, after which he aspires to start his own investment firm.

“With my degree,” Austin said, “I plan to do financial as well as investment advising. In addition, I am part of Phi Sigma Pi Tau Chapter which is a gender-inclusive honor fraternity as well as Beta Gamma Sigma which is an International Business Honor Society.

“This scholarship would be essential in helping me achieve my goals because it will allow me to further my education without stressing about the financial aspect. This scholarship would assist in paying for books, supplies, groceries, rent, etc., which would be extremely helpful.”

Kayli ReynaKayli Reyna is a full-time doctoral student at Grand Canyon University. She is attending via their online program.

“My goals are to become a director within a library, and I am currently working as a youth services supervisor to pay for my tuition,” Kayli said. “I also have living expenses because I am living away from home to have the job that I have now to give me experience in the library science profession.

With the cost of living, I am struggling to pay for both living expenses and tuition. This scholarship would really be helpful to me. I have received the NCBF Scholarship for my undergraduate degree, and through your support I was able to graduate which helped me to obtain the position I have now.”

Her brother and sister, Braxton Reyna and Rebecca Reyna, are previous recipients of the scholarship.

Molly MacchiaMolly Macchia is a graduate of Lenoir-Rhyne University, where she earned a B.S. in community health. She is now enrolled at Appalachian State University in its higher education program.

“I am extremely excited to become a professor,” Molly said in her application. “But as I have taken some history and law in higher education classes, I find myself very interested in how the law impacts the policies in public education. I really love that we have come so far with education to be more inclusive to all groups, and have implemented laws to protect minorities, and I hope to further that growth as a professor and create a safe, conducive learning environment for all students.”

The scholarship, she added, will help her continue working on her graduate degree while living on her own and supporting herself.

“I have found that my graduate degree is a bit harder to do in that I work, maintain a home and have to keep up with my classes, especially during these trying times. These tasks are way more complicated than my undergraduate degree was to accomplish. If chosen, I would work hard to make your scholarship assistance count. I have always dreamed of getting my graduate degree, and maybe even my doctorate.”