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Artificial Intelligence

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What Lawyers Should Know About Windows 11

Have you upgraded your Windows operating system from Windows 10 to 11? Have you avoided it because you worry that it could be unstable, or that your old software or drivers won’t work? Are you worried that your older computer will not have the required specifications to do the upgrade? These are all legitimate concerns. Microsoft is rolling out a major…

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Free General Purpose Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools

As the legal profession continues to evolve and adapt to recent technologies, it’s becoming increasingly important for lawyers to understand and leverage the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools. These tools, which can assist with tasks such as data analysis, research, translation, image and video creation, summarization, transcription, and automation, have the potential to increase efficiency and productivity within…

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Modern Note-Taking

Lawyers take notes. Lots of notes. Client notes, research notes, brainstorming, checklists, ideas, reminders and the list goes on. Taking notes on paper is comfortable and efficient, but extremely limited. Handwritten notes on paper cannot be searched or repurposed. They are difficult to share or use for collaboration. Paper notebooks begin to proliferate like bunnies. In our multimedia world paper…

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I’m a Lawyer, Not a Designer!

The Star Trek series featured the curmudgeon physician, beginning with Leonard McCoy, aka Bones. He frequently reminded Admiral James T. Kirk that he was a doctor and not an anything-else-Kirk-asked-him-to-do. If you are asked to do some light design work, whether a newsletter layout, an ad, finding an image, social media posts, or creating a graphic you too might find…

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AI and KM: Two Great Tools That Work Great Together

By Catherine Sanders Reach and Ben Schorr For many years the promise of knowledge management in law firms was poised to take off, but the technology and the results proved expensive, illusive or both. Effective knowledge management puts content at the fingertips of those who develop and provide your products and services. Knowledge management helps shorten development cycles for new…

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Popular Articles from the CPM ICYMI Newsletter (September 2023 – December 2023)

Every week subscribers receive the ICYMI enewsletter from the NCBA Center for Practice Management. The newsletter highlights tips, tools, trends, and techniques to help your law practice. The following are a few popular links from the past issues of the newsletter. How to Create a Fillable Form in Microsoft Word (9/8/2023) If you haven’t embraced document assembly tools but would like to…

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Google Bard Gets a Big Update

When Google’s generative AI Bard was released, it was less capable than competitors like ChatGPT, Claude2, and Microsoft’s Bing Chat. However, with the introduction of the DeepMind project named Gemini, there are many enhancements including the ability to reason in Google Workspace products like Drive and Gmail, as well as the release of the Google NotebookLM, a “smart” notebook. Google’s…

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How to Keep Up with Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Recently, we marked the first anniversary of ChatGPT, a milestone that underscores the rapid advancements in the field of artificial intelligence. The landscape of generative AI tools and related news has expanded at an unprecedented rate. As legal professionals, it’s crucial to stay informed about these developments. Following are news outlets that will provide you with key resources for staying…

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The Difference Between Search Engines, Generative AI, and Automation Tools

Search engines like Google, generative AI applications like ChatGPT, and automation tools like Zapier serve distinct purposes and have different capabilities. The key is choosing the right tool for specific business needs and use cases, rather than trying to replace one with another. With an understanding of the unique capabilities of each, organizations can combine these technologies to enhance productivity….

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Using AI for Conversational Q&A and Knowledge Management

The technology that powers ChatGPT, Open AI using a large language model (LLM), can be turned to look at specific data repositories. Law firms can create tools that can be used internally or externally to query and chat with a firm’s own data. Several products are already on the market that let you turn an LLM generative AI towards your…