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Outlook Life Savers

You use email every day. If you use Microsoft’s Outlook for email you have a lot of power built into the program. Following are a few tips for finding email attachments quickly, save .msg files and rename them, surface a folder you might have deleted or lost, how to use the Dictate tool if you want to be hands free,…

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Silo Busting: Sharing Client Emails within the Firm

A lot of valuable information is passed to and received from clients via email. The problem is that the email communication a.) may need to be shared among others in the firm b.) is stored in each recipient’s mailbox. The good news is that there are a variety of ways to ensure client communications are stored with the client file…

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What’s New with Google’s Gmail and Docs?

Gmail and Google Docs are rolling out some big changes. These include new features in Docs, a new interface in Gmail, offline access and more. If you use Gmail and Google Docs for home or work, read on to find out what is new with these products. New Gmail Interface For Google Workspace users, and eventually all Gmail users, you…

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Three Personal Knowledge Management Tips for MS 365 Subscribers

If you subscribe to the Business Standard or Premium versions of Microsoft 365 there are many features that can be useful to your law firm. Other Microsoft products, like Bing and Edge, are supercharged when you are logged in with your business subscription. Here are three ways you can get see a daily dashboard of your activities, search across email,…

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10 Tech Tips for Bar Leaders

Whether you are a Bar Association leader, active in your bar association, or just like productivity tips for your computer and smartphone, peruse these tips from the recent Bar Leadership Institute 2022 held in Chicago by the ABA Division for Bar Services. When Should I Leave? If you use the Google Maps app you can plot your course, of course….

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Expand MS 365 with Add-ins and Integrations

Microsoft 365 has so many features and functions it is overwhelming. Yet, there are hundreds (thousands) of add-ins and integrations to expand MS Office and the MS 365 suite of programs. What add-ins are useful for lawyers? Are they safe? How do I find them? Below are the answers to those questions plus several business and legal specific add-ins that…

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Are There Alternatives to Email?

Are you overwhelmed with the back and forth of email, including managing it (filtering, storing, searching)? While we may not be getting rid of email any time soon, there are other tools that can reduce your reliance on email for electronic communications and help reduce the number of emails you send and receive. Alternatives for Communicating with Your Internal Team…

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CPM Question of the Month Roundup

Many of the questions answered by the Center for Practice Management inspire blog posts for From the Center. Here is a compilation of blog posts that answer specific questions or are inspired by NCBA members’ queries. Got a question for CPM? Get in touch! Q: If I get Microsoft 365 for Business (formerly Office 365) do I have to use…

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Balance and Tone in Automated Responses

Whether it is your voicemail greeting, email auto-response, or automatically appended disclaimers, have you reviewed these messages for tone and customer-centricity? Are you using online calendars to schedule meetings?  You may be trying to increase immediate responses and let people know how you communicate, but the tone may deliver a message you do not intend. Re-read your responses and think…

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Tips from the CPM ICYMI Newsletter (October 2021 – January 2022)

Every week subscribers receive the ICYMI enewsletter from the NCBA Center for Practice Management. The newsletter highlights tips, tools, trends, and techniques to help your law practice. Following are a few popular links from the past issues of the newsletter. Judge Disparaged Lawyer, Apparently Unaware of Livestream: ‘Can You Imagine Waking Up Next to Her Every Day?’ (January 21, 2022) We have…