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May 2022 Issue

NC Lawyer Magazine

Welcome to the May 2022 edition of North Carolina Lawyer Magazine, the flagship publication of the North Carolina Bar Association. Featured photo: Winston-Salem skyline, J. Sinclair Photography.
President's Perspective

We’re Back! See You In June At The 2022 NCBA Annual Meeting

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“The focus of the reception was to provide input to the AMLF representatives on the benefits of a bar association, including competence, professionalism, education, rule of law, and ethics in particular.”

AMLF Planning Session Brings African Military Lawyers To Bar Center By Russell Rawlings

“I still come to work four days a week. I still have a good set of clients who believe I can open doors for them. And the show is something I have truly enjoyed. It is a fun thing in my life.”

Rufus Edmisten Rediscovers His Roots As “The Weekend Gardener” By Russell Rawlings

“I have some big shoes to fill for the folks who have served before me, but serving as the chair of the NCBA Paralegal Division has prepared me for what I am getting ready to undertake.”

Debbie Harris Leads North Carolina County Clerks Association In 2022 By Jessica Junqueira

“Whether it is answering a simple question or delving into a more complex issue, 4ALL allowed North Carolinians to speak with a professional with no strings attached – many of whom sought advice to help a loved one.”

4ALL’s Common Theme: NC Legal Community Is Continuing To Step Up By Russell Rawlings
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