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Some Best Practices from Law Firm Associates

A recent Reddit thread posed the question “what are some examples of best practices you employ in your daily routine or have learned from more senior attorneys?”. The following is a summary of the responses, edited for repetition and some negative advice removed. In some cases, more senior attorneys submitted their thoughts. These are helpful suggestions whether you are a…

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Google Bard Gets a Big Update

When Google’s generative AI Bard was released, it was less capable than competitors like ChatGPT, Claude2, and Microsoft’s Bing Chat. However, with the introduction of the DeepMind project named Gemini, there are many enhancements including the ability to reason in Google Workspace products like Drive and Gmail, as well as the release of the Google NotebookLM, a “smart” notebook. Google’s…

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Prioritize and Conquer: Time Management Techniques for Lawyers Using Business Software

** Time is your most valuable asset as a lawyer. Managing your time effectively is crucial for meeting billable hours, completing tasks efficiently, and providing quality legal services to your clients. Many lawyers have begun incorporating business software into their workflows, which can greatly improve time management if used strategically. Here some tips for lawyers to manage time better with…

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Dropbox Dash – AI Driven Federated Search

Lawyers keep a lot of information – documents, emails, legal research, project plans, communications, and more – and often that information is spread out among different siloed repositories. There are few ways to search across all those separate properties or query it all to get the answer you need without wading through files and emails. If you are a Dropbox…

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AI Tools in MS 365 in Advance of the CoPilot Launch

Generative artificial intelligence is all the buzz and Microsoft is rolling out an AI tool called “CoPilot” with the promise of helping you leverage the Microsoft 365 tools so that you can synthesize information, ask your own data questions, suggest ways to be more responsive, stay on top of your schedule and more. While we are waiting for these enhancements…

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What To Expect from The New MS Outlook

Microsoft currently has support for multiple versions of Outlook, both professional and home versions – for Mac, PC, browser, subscription, stand-alone, and more. About a year ago the company started to announce that it would be consolidating “One Outlook” to a single version. Now subscribers to MS 365 who use installed Outlook have a preview of what the future holds….

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Tips for Bar Leaders (and Lawyers and Legal Pros)

At the recent Bar Leadership Institute and subsequently the NCBA Board of Governors meeting, CPM Director Catherine Sanders Reach shared some tips for productivity and efficiency for busy lawyers and bar volunteers. Like tips? Sign up for the free ICYMI newsletter and follow the CPM blog, From the Center. NCBA members get free consultations and live/archived monthly webinars.   Emojis…

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Gmail Tricks You Can Use

Gmail is a popular and powerful program. Like MS Outlook there are many not-entirely-obvious tools and shortcuts that can help you manage your email and speed up communications. Read on for a few helpful tips for managing your Gmail. Templates In Gmail you can create templates to save time when you are sending a new message or response that you…

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New(er) Collaboration Tools in MS Outlook/365

If you are a Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Premium subscriber and using the Exchange and SharePoint server products that are bundled with the offer, you may have some new collaboration tools to explore. While these are very new, additions like reactions, @mentions, Loop, and notifications may help you stay on top of email as an action item in a…

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Outlook Life Savers

You use email every day. If you use Microsoft’s Outlook for email you have a lot of power built into the program. Following are a few tips for finding email attachments quickly, save .msg files and rename them, surface a folder you might have deleted or lost, how to use the Dictate tool if you want to be hands free,…