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May 2023 Issue

NC Lawyer Magazine

Welcome to the May 2023 edition of North Carolina Lawyer Magazine, the flagship publication of the North Carolina Bar Association. Featured photo: Wilmington, Wilmington and Beaches CVB. The 2023 NCBA Annual Meeting will be held this June in Wilmington.
President's Perspective

Pro Humanitate: “We Are The World”


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Insights + Activities

“As our annual meeting will take place in Wilmington, June 22-24, it is only fitting to focus our educational programming in ways that shine a light on an important part of both North Carolina and NCBA history.”

Annual Meeting Programs Build On Ties Between Wilmington Coup, NCBA Founding By Ebony Bryant

“His strong intellect, his integrity and his always positive relationships with all in our courts have resulted in great admiration for Justice Ervin and thanks for his outstanding contributions to the work of our system of justice for all.”

Sam Ervin IV Becomes Third-Generation Recipient Of Liberty Bell Award By Russell Rawlings

“Both Littlejohn and Ward suggest that students learn how to use ChatGPT by testing it out, and the classroom is the perfect place to have conversations about what this tool is capable of. ”

New Possibilities With ChatGPT: Two Professors Weigh In On AI And Legal Education By Jessica Junqueira

“So much of law is attorney-to-attorney interaction or attorney-to-judge interaction. I feel like we as a bar need to be saying more and encouraging each other to treat each other better.”

Cultivating Courtesy In The Profession: Dan Gibson’s Campaign For Kindness By Jessica Junqueira

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