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Microsoft 365 and MS Office Resources

Microsoft 365 (fka Office 365) is the subscription model that consists of the MS Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote) plus MS Outlook and cloud-based servers (Exchange and SharePoint). The Business Standard version is $12.50 per user per month. That is merely the tip of the iceberg, as the subscription also comes with many other tools like Teams for communication and video conferencing, Power Automate for automating workflows and Planner for project management. Below are resources from the NCBA Center for Practice Management and beyond so your firm can start taking advantage of all the tools the suite has to offer.

MS 365 Overview

  • MS 365 Overview (video)


  • Intelligence and Automation in Microsoft 365 (video)

  • Microsoft Office Tips and Addons for Lawyers (video)

  • Expand MS 365 with Add-ins and Integrations (article)

  • Microsoft 365 versus Google Workspace (article)

  • How Law Firms Can Take Advantage of Microsoft 365 (article)

  • Power in Your Palm: Microsoft Outlook and Office Apps (article)

  • Microsoft 365 Power Automate (article)

  • Explore More in MS Office 365 Business Premium (article)

  • Three Personal Knowledge Management Tips for MS 365 Subscribers (article)

  • Quick Parts: The Good, the Bad, and the Alternative (article)

  • MS Office Hack: The Quick Access Toolbar (article) 

  • New(er) Collaboration Tools in MS Outlook/365

  • Let’s Automate: Easy Automation Tips

  • Can MS 365 Replace Law Practice Management Software? (article)

  • Microsoft Edge Browser – New and Improved (article)

Artificial Intelligence in MS 365

  • Bing Chat and Bard: The Basics of AI Chat Search Engines (article)

  • AI Tools in MS 365 in Advance of the CoPilot Launch (article)

  • Using AI for Conversational Q&A and Knowledge Management (article)

MS OneDrive

  • Microsoft OneDrive Explained (article)

  • Stop Emailing Attachments (article)

MS Word

  • The Power of Speech: Voice Options in MS Word (article)

  • Tools to Edit Your Own Work (article)

  • Exposed! What Lawyers Need to Know About Metadata

  • New Features in MS Word for 365 Subscribers (article)

MS Outlook

  • Defensive Calendaring (video) (article)

  • Online Document Collaboration with Track Changes (article)

  • Turn Emails into Calendared Events in An Instant (article)

  • Make Appointments Easy: Meeting Scheduling Tools (article)

  • Automation in MS Outlook (article)

  • A Better Way to Find Time (Find Time add-on for Outlook) (article)

  • Set Up Gmail or Outlook to Look Like the Other (article)

  • Outlook Life Savers (article)

  • Moving Your Email Address to a Professional Domain (article)

  • Silo Busting: Sharing Client Emails within the Firm (article)

  • Moving Your Email Address to a Professional Domain (article)

  • What To Expect from The New MS Outlook (article)


 MS Teams

  • Introduction to MS Teams (video)

  • How to Use Microsoft Teams Channels (article)

  • Notifications in MS Teams (article)

  • Advanced Teams Tips (video)

 Task Management Tools

  • Tools to Manage Tasks in Office 365 (video)

  • Keeping Track of Tasks and Assignments with Project Management (video) 

  • Lists in Microsoft 365 (article)

  • MS Lists (video)

  • Task Management with Microsoft To Do (article)

  • What’s New with Microsoft To Do? (article)

  • What You Need to Know About Project Management (article)

  • MS Planner – Simple Project Management (article)

MS OneNote

  • What’s New with Microsoft’s OneNote? (article)

  • Microsoft OneNote: Your Electronic Trapper Keeper (article)

  • OneNote: Electronic Trapper Keeper – (video)

MS PowerPoint

  • Next Level PowerPoint (article)

  • Tips and Tricks with Microsoft PowerPoint (video)

  • What’s New in MS PowerPoint?

Training and Learning

  • Microsoft 365 free video tutorials, training, live classes, quick start guides, tips and more

  • LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda)

  • Office basics video training

  • OneDrive and SharePoint file migration guide

  • 4 Ways law firms can manage and organize case documents in SharePoint


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